Remember to prioritize your health when abroad!

International Health Insurance: Your Safety Net Abroad

What Is International Health Insurance?

International health insurance is designed to provide seamless access to medical services worldwide. Whether your medical needs are planned or unplanned, this insurance ensures you receive quality treatment no matter where you are. Healthcare costs abroad can be significantly higher than in your home country, so having the right coverage is crucial.

Remember, when you’re away from home, your health matters. Explore international health insurance options and choose the plan that suits your needs. Stay protected and enjoy peace of mind during your global adventures!


Why Choose International Health Insurance?

When you’re traveling or living abroad, having comprehensive health insurance is essential. International health insurance provides coverage no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re planning a short trip or relocating for an extended period, this type of insurance ensures that you receive quality medical care without worrying about financial burdens.

Key Features of International Health Insurance:

1.         Cashless Facility:

·                    Enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions at network hospitals. The insurance company settles medical expenses directly with the hospital based on policy terms.

·                    No need to pay out of pocket during emergencies. 

2.        Adequate Coverage:

·                    Don’t compromise on medical services. With international health insurance, you’re covered for hospitalization expenses, maternity consultations, and more.

·                    Whether you’re in your home country or abroad, receive suitable coverage for medical treatments. 

3.        Daycare Procedure Cover:

·                    Expenses related to listed daycare procedures or inpatient surgeries are covered.

·                    You won’t have to worry about unexpected medical costs. 

4.       Hospitalization Expenses Cover:

·                    If you’re admitted to a hospital for at least 24 hours due to illness, injury, or accidental bodily harm, the insurance provides coverage.

·                    Stay protected during your stay abroad. 

5.        Mental Health Treatment:

·                    In-patient treatment for mental illness is covered as specified in the policy.

·                    Seek help in recognized psychiatric units of hospitals. 

6.        Annual Preventive Health Check-Up:

·                    With each policy renewal, enjoy an annual preventive health check-up.

·                    Prioritize your well-being and stay proactive about your health.


Remember to prioritize your health, especially when you’re away from home!

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